Here's an article I wrote for Rosie Withey at Horses-As-Teachers last month *********** The amount of sheer enjoyment I get from just watching horses would make most people think I’m totally crazy. Hours, days, weeks… it’s been 28 years now and I’m still no less awestruck. Young horses, especially. The curiosity present in the eyes and actions [...]

Satisfyingly Free

Is it the freedom we have to make choices in life that makes living so satisfying? Amongst my most satisfying moments of 2018 were the days when my house-mates and I would head into the woods pre-breakfast and forage for chanterelles to fry up for the top of our morning toast, or ditching the shower [...]

Of Stones & Horses

These days I am frequently recollecting a quote by the Japanese philosopher Miyamoto Musashi: ‘If you know the Way broadly you will see it in all things.’ ‘It is called being human’, the Mountain Man answered with a knowing smile. Nothing is making me more excited at the moment than the sorts of words that were leaving the American man’s [...]

totems of the wild

I squealed in joy this morning when reading about Celtic tradition and Highland dream lore. It turns out that the MacKenzie clan totem is the deer. Super early starts were a given when I lived in the highlands. I'd quietly open the bathroom window each morning and watch the deer grazing below in the morning [...]

An Independent State of Mind

Through all this film business that I’ve been throwing myself into lately, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know a rather special couple, Jane and Duncan Bury. They invited me to spend some time on their 20 acre smallholding in the Scottish Borders… the magic of which, they say, is difficult to explain to [...]

Nomadic Winter

A Scottish December. The obvious time to choose to move into a yurt. A month of peeing under the stars, not moving a muscle under the warm covers to lay and watch the icicles melt on the window pane outside. First task upon surfacing: light the stove! Out to follow the latest animal prints in [...]

Sparkly Sparkly Spark

I learnt something new about myself recently. As I've previously quite enthusiastically written about... I've been living in Wales, in a shepherd's hut, amongst the company of far many more horses than people. I thought this kind of life was the life for me; I'd much rather spend my days in the company of horses [...]

Spirited Away

  Whilst I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work and study classical horsemanship here in Wales, sometimes I get an itch for the wild that I find difficult to scratch amidst the fabulous, well-polished dressage horses. It appears to be a reoccurring itch that needs a regular scratch, and one I am wise not to ignore. Last month I [...]