A Prize from The Whickers!

I met Ken, 'the hermit of Treig', in the winter of 2012 when I moved to the back of beyond to open a restaurant. I was instantly struck by the joy that radiated from him, his absolute love and curiosity for the immediate world around him. He lives in a way which could technically be [...]

lockdown life and film update

We're all saying it: what a strange time to be alive! I feel very glad though, to be alive through this very pivotal time of human history. I've always felt very sad and frustrated with the state of many things in the world. Over-the-top consumption, robotic people striving for 'success' in companies with zero morals [...]

we’re dancing animals

I've been thinking so much lately about how to hone the ability to just 'be' in the world, rather than always having to 'do', rather than always have to be productive, rather than this kind of mad desperation to achieve and accumulate. It feels like so many of us are missing the point a little.... [...]

study of the wild

Extremadura's air, plump with lavender, thyme and vultures who swooped away with my breath. We channelled our inner-Pottoka; scrambling over rocks and tunnelling through waist-high heather to observe these tough, contented creatures. ~ Since I quit my last full-time horse job after witnessing too many horses lose their spark at the hands of 'sophisticated' horsemanship, [...]


Here's an article I wrote for Rosie Withey at Horses-As-Teachers last month *********** The amount of sheer enjoyment I get from just watching horses would make most people think I’m totally crazy. Hours, days, weeks… it’s been 28 years now and I’m still no less awestruck. Young horses, especially. The curiosity present in the eyes and actions [...]