Spirited Away

  Whilst I feel privileged to have the opportunity to work and study classical horsemanship here in Wales, sometimes I get an itch for the wild that I find difficult to scratch amidst the fabulous, well-polished dressage horses. It appears to be a reoccurring itch that needs a regular scratch, and one I am wise not to ignore. Last month I [...]

Refining The Wild

I'm currently residing in the Welsh countryside where I was offered an opportunity that I couldn't possibly refuse... to work and study the art of horsemanship alongside people and horses of a very high calibre: Robert Pring, Jo Jarett and a collection of finely bred Andalusians. Though I believe that a growing interest in the principles of classical [...]

Roaming The Red Rocks

Cowboys cowboys cowboys. No vision of the American south west is complete without the cowboy. He is typically a symbol of freedom, of connection to the land, exploration and conquest of wilderness, masculinity. There's a genre of film centered around them and festivals celebrating their culture and heritage. But what about the cowGIRL? In August, I wrote about [...]

Belly Full o’ Berries

This time of year was a favourite of mine during my days on Corrour. We'd be waving goodbye and good riddance to the midges, watching the colours transform the landscape and ardently anticipating the first roar of the rutting stags outside the bedroom windows. Every day I would yearn to head outside from dusk to [...]

Young At Heart

Let me introduce thirteen year old Levi, who has found a few best friend in this beautiful one year old quarter horse colt. Just one week before the day I took these photos, this little colt could not tolerate a human approaching him and would fearfully hide in the back of his stall whenever anyone [...]

all knowing

The Aspen have eyes! They are really very special... Some people take drugs to have the feeling that the trees around them have a presence, but here in the Colorado woodlands all you have to do is open your own eyes. And it doesn't stop there...Aspen trees are just really cool all round. Did you [...]