A Prize from The Whickers!

I met Ken, ‘the hermit of Treig’, in the winter of 2012 when I moved to the back of beyond to open a restaurant. I was instantly struck by the joy that radiated from him, his absolute love and curiosity for the immediate world around him. He lives in a way which could technically be classed as poverty, yet his simple life radiates richness. I remember thinking ‘someone has to make a film about him!’, ‘why has no one made a film about him?!’

8 years later and here I am! I learnt how to make films in an effort to communicate re the things I find important in life, and in order to tell Ken’s story! Which is why I’m SO over the moon to have won the development prize grant from The Whicker Awards … to have this recognition and platform means the story can reach a global audience and plant more seeds of what I think is an important message.

What we need is more people with a desire to live simply. I look around me in day to day life and see people pushing for ‘success’ all the time.  Success and continual growth and accumulation of things that they think they need to be happy. And then we have Ken, who has never bought into that way of living, who has lived completely within his means, and is so wholly satisfied with his life. Everything thats been going on lately is just showing us that this system we are living in is done, finished. And to work towards a new, healthy world for everyone…what the world really needs is people who love it! Who love it so fiercely that they’re willing to protect it, to become stewards, or caretakers of the earth. That is what I want this film to communicate. 

With Whickers support, we’re one step closer to making it happen. Yippeeeeeee!




5 thoughts on “A Prize from The Whickers!

  1. So well deserved!! And it’s so exciting to see all your work for the past years recognised by the world. Can’t wait to watch the film when it’s done!


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