Living or simply existing

Here’s a short video of some time I spent amongst mountain horses in Spain this summer.

Lucy Rees and I went for a 5 night riding/camping trip in the Asturias mountains in July. We had fantastic dramas making our way down steep and crumbling paths in foggy darkness, descending into the growls of protective mountain mastiffs, and slept in old stone shepherds huts whilst our horses grazed nearby. I doubt I could find a better teacher to show me the ways of lengthy, unplanned equestrian travel (which, lets face it, is the only way I will do it) than Lucy.

I couldn’t really sum up the area and how brilliant is it for the horses better than Lucy and her blog post about a previous years adventures, but I did film an awful lot and have been trying to find time to edit it together for months now…

On day 3 we rode into a huge herd of free-range horses. So bold and bright eyed! A different look all together than the looks in the eyes of horses that we, in civilised society, enjoy to control and pamper.

What is a rich existence? The way we lead our lives is a choice. The way we keep our horses is a choice.

P.S If you want to ride in the unfenced and wild terrain of Asturias on astute horses, look no further than Thank you Hector! I’ll work on more videos of our time soon X





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