study of the wild

Extremadura’s air, plump with lavender, thyme and vultures who swooped away with my breath. We channelled our inner-Pottoka; scrambling over rocks and tunnelling through waist-high heather to observe these tough, contented creatures.


Since I quit my last full-time horse job after witnessing too many horses lose their spark at the hands of ‘sophisticated’ horsemanship, I’ve been on a mission to learn how to make films as a tool to discover and spread the knowledge that would help me, and others, to stand up for the horse in a world where the horse’s attempts to stand up for himself are rarely heard.

The Pottokas in Spain: feral horses, who can most definitely stand up for themselves. Street wise. Not a dulled-down-eye to see, and rarely any conflict. What a rich and varied life they lead – and there are loads of elements we can draw from it to improve the quality of life for our horses at home.

Here’s an intro to what I plan to be a little series of videos for HorseHuman:







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