Young At Heart

Let me introduce thirteen year old Levi, who has found a few best friend in this beautiful one year old quarter horse colt.

Just one week before the day I took these photos, this little colt could not tolerate a human approaching him and would fearfully hide in the back of his stall whenever anyone was around. So, I was set aside a little time each day to try to convince him that us people ain’t so bad! And then my new pal Levi stepped in to lend a hand too…

Horses are experts in sensing the energy of those around them, which is how they communicate within the herd. And there is something about the energy of a child that seems to sync perfectly with a horse’s energy. Is it because they have no agenda? Or perhaps as they are able to be more in the moment, just like the horse? I’m not sure exactly… But I do know that when I took more of a back seat and instructed Levi in some simple body language and training techniques, it was only a matter of time before the colt was following us around like a little lamb.

That day this little lad was able to be caught, led perfectly all around the yard at walk and trot, and even had his hooves trimmed. Both these youngsters have bright futures ahead of them!

One thought on “Young At Heart

  1. The first time I encountered something similar is in a workshop with horses, years ago on a teambuilding trip with work. The woman with the horse told people that you will see your state of mind or mentality reflected in the horse’s behaviour. The idea was to approach the horse, make contact and ask it to walk along a difficult pattern in the sand pit. Everybody else thought it was bullshit. I didn’t. Most couldn’t even approach the horse, it would make clear it didn’t feel like being close to them. The few that could come close with the horse staying relaxed could not get it to move. I didn’t prepare or think about what I’d do if my turn came, but I walked to him/her normally, apparently talked to it (according to the woman, I didn’t notice) and while I was interacting, easily had it walk the designated pattern.
    I’m not sure how I feel about using horses for this kind of training (I don’t think it’s nice for the horse to encounter an array of not so great spirits every day), but it was insightful and, for me, very affirming.


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