all knowing

The Aspen have eyes! They are really very special… Some people take drugs to have the feeling that the trees around them have a presence, but here in the Colorado woodlands all you have to do is open your own eyes.
And it doesn’t stop there…Aspen trees are just really cool all round. Did you know that aspens are a clonal colony? Meaning that an entire aspen forest is in fact one single organism, sharing the origins of one single seed, and therefore each tree having identical DNA to all the others around them. Did you know that the largest (by mass) and likely one of most ancient organisms on earth (estimated at possibly up to 1 million years old) is in fact an aspen forest in Colorado’s neighbouring state, Utah? This is pretty amazing when you think that modern humans have only been around for roughly 200,000 years.
Above ground, aspens seem to be distinct individuals… But the reality is that they are all interconnected, stemming from one single ancestor, and one couldn’t exist without the other. Sound familiar? Xxx

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