The Wimenuche Wilderness just keeps on amazing me. It is Colorado’s largest area of wilderness (a whopping 499,771 acres!), so it’s no surprise that it is so diverse, but every time I think I’ve seen it all it throws another jaw-dropping vista at me and silences me once again.

This week I joined forces with my new favourite cowboy, Steve, and backcountry-chef extraordinaire Greg and together we led and took care of a group of 6 absolutely incredible woman out in the heart of the wilderness for 4 starry starry nights.

There is something very powerful about a group of woman all together. But bring together a group of strong, intelligent, highly successful, independent horsewoman and it brings it to a whole other level! The careers and successes of this particular group of woman were impressive, but that’s not really what’s most important… What impressed me most is how fearless and adventurous they all were, and how much room they continue to make in their lives for adventure. The fearlessness may not have come naturally to all of them, yet together they supported each other and challenged themselves at just the right times and believe me, there isn’t anything they couldn’t tackle. We could all learn a lot from them. If I am still climbing mountains on the back of a horse looking glamorous and graceful at 74 years old like one of these lovely ladies then I will die a happy woman!

We had a challenging 6 hour rocky ride into base camp, and spent the next 4 days exploring the mountains of over 12,000 ft. We picnicked on the banks of high alpine lakes and shared stories of life and loss and love around the fire. As I currently don’t have a phone I am also without an alarm clock, but right on cue at 6am each morning, after the song birds began to sing, the woodpeckers would start their hammering on the trees above my tent and wake me up gently in time to herd the horses in from their night out at pasture (after a cup of cowboy coffee, of course!)

I am proud of myself, as it seems this packing business is very male dominated and according to my ladies you don’t often find woman leading the way in the outfitting world. But I am bloody well doing it and enjoying every second! That’s not to say that Steve and Greg are not absolutely wonderful… Steve is top notch and a gracious teacher and it wouldn’t have been such a super week without his presence, and Greg’s food was b-e-a-utiful (and he has one of the best dogs I’ve ever had the pleasure of cuddling) … plus they handled the strong feminine presence very well.. So on behalf of all us ladies I will appoint them as honorary women 😉


Ladies and honorary ladies, if you’re reading this, I have a feeling that this won’t be the last we will see of each other. Happy trails until then, keep on filling your life full of adventure and inspiring youngsters like me to do so too xx

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