when in rome

i couldn’t not check out the local rodeo! They start them young … the wee girl selling cotton candy at the entrance gate proudly declared that she would be riding (or hanging on for dear life) in the sheep rodeo and some of the bull riders were barely in their teens. These kids are defminitely made of tougher stuff than the kids at home! There is a small, dangerous part of me that is itching to pay the $50 entry fee and see how I’d fare on a bucking bronco, but my conscious is keeping me in line as I can’t say the stress the horses are subjected to gets the Lizzie Mack seal of approval. The combo of cotton candy and beer does though! I’m glad I got to experience a true Wild West rodeo, though I’m not sure I would go again due to to the aforementioned animal welfare issues niggling at me… That, and I don’t trust the little devil on my other shoulder telling me to just dae it and hold on tight.

True West Rodeos are running  9 rodeos in Durango over the course of the summer. Details can be found on http://www.truewestrodeo.com

3 thoughts on “when in rome

  1. I can totally imagine why this would be on your list, but I think it’s completely insane, sad and infuriating that this is still allowed. Horrible that humans think it’s o.k. to do this to animals. Humans can use animals for certain jobs, but hurting them for fun is something I will never, ever be o.k. with.


  2. Oh, don’t worry lady, I agree with you 100% and would never go to watch another one. I did want to experience a rodeo for myself before making a firm option of it, and really am joking when I say I would like to give it a go… It’s just the adrenaline -junkie devil on my shoulder being a bully 😉


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